the future of indie film-making

I’ve just come out of an epic meeting that lasted five hours. All about harnessing the possibilities of the internet for marketing, raising financing, finding cast and crew, preproduction, production, post-production and distribution of films – in essence it was all about getting a strategy together for hopefully what will turn out to be my next three feature films!

Up until three months ago, I had never heard of crowd-sourcing or brand entertainment or web 2.0 or any other buzz words that are being bandied about at the moment. I was still stuck in the “old school” of film-making – you make a film, you give it to a sales agent, they take it to one of the film markets, a distributor comes along and buys it and you get given some money and then you go on to make your next film.

But it didn’t work like that for Credo – even though we had a sales agent who took it to market and sure enough, distributors came along and bought it. But the “you get given some money and then you go on to make your next film….” part. Well, as I’m learning, I don’t think film-making works like that anymore, as least not as an indie film-maker. The finance world has changed and the financing models have changed, the budgets we had for our films just aren’t viable anymore.

Welcome to the new school of indie film-making, where there are no rules, where things move on so quickly that you’re running to keep up but where you are in charge of your own destiny. And I love it.


~ by female film maker on October 28, 2008.

7 Responses to “the future of indie film-making”

  1. How then does someone get involved given the new dynamic? I have always thought that I would be very well suited to a variety of jobs in regards to film making, and even experimented my first year of college as a film student. But beyond my own ambitions and visions how does one even begin?

    Can I get an internship? A push-broom job? Coffee maker?

    How far does the bottom go and just were can someone like me grab hold?

  2. For me, there is no bottom tier. There’s no internships. There’s no broom-sweepers. And I want to make my own coffee thanks!

    For me, it’s all about collaborating, it’s about working together to create films that people want to see and will pay money to see – so it’s harnessing people’s own unique talents and getting people involved in making and distributing indie films. So if you (and anyone else) want to be involved – brilliant! You’ll be our first recruit!

    Exactly what we need doing is what we’re working on right now so will keep you posted…

  3. Excellent! I like the way you think! You have definitely peeked my interest, let me know if I can get involved or if you need help with anything.

  4. Great. I’d love you to be involved.

    What we’re working on is a sustainable business model where it’s all about linking, sharing, promoting, and making films together. It might be that we need help finding locations for the shoot or to help promote the film once it’s made – or it could be that you help out on the set when we are shooting – it depends on how much time you have, the skills you can bring and to what degree you want to be involved.

  5. That sounds great, I like the idea of seeing film production and distribution as a collaboration of intelligent and gifted people. I am 100% willing and in my own opinion able to do everything you listed and more. I have never had any ‘real world’ experience making films but have always thought I would be a great fit.

    Let me know what I can help with or if you would like to know more about me; here’s my email address:


  6. Where are you based Gavin?

  7. We are a team, actually, Hansi (my horror writer in-house) and I are in the Central Coast area of California.

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