master plan for making movies

Coming up with a master plan is not hard. Talking about the master plan isn’t hard either. It’s implementing the master plan that is hard!


There’s so many things that need to be done and as I’m a writer, director and producer with three horror feature projects plus a webisode project and a documentary series plus the UK release of CREDO all on the go all at the same time, it means that suddenly there’s a zillion demands on my time.


And there’s other small things like family and friends and paying the bills, just like every other human being.


But right now, my priority is getting my next feature off the ground so it means making sacrifices, it means working long hours and not going to the pub!


So stage one of the master plan is to be clear about what I want and the order and way things need to be done. That’s what yesterday’s five hour meeting was all about and that’s what I’m working on over the next few days.


Next is to set up the projects in such a way that we can raise the money to finance them.


Next is to tell people about it!


Then next step after that is to galvanise an army of people!

Then finally, it’s to get on and do it!


Ok, that’s the broad brush-strokes. But mustn’t get ahead of myself. I’m still only on stage one of my master plan…






~ by female film maker on October 29, 2008.

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