the horror of over-thinking

I made this short film a few years ago called “Daddy’s Boy”. The film did quite well on the festival circuit. It was requested to be screened at many international festivals and it won the Silver Melies Award for Best European Short Film at the Lund International Film Festival.


A US sales agent picked it up and then did nothing with it and I’ve only just got the rights back. So far so good.


This week I was asked by a friend of a friend if they could show “Daddy’s Boy” to kids at a school as an example of a well-made short film.


The problem is “Daddy’s Boy” is a video-diary horror film with a very dark comic edge, all about a gay love tryst that ends horribly badly and as revenge, the hero feeds his lover’s body parts to his dog. Pretty gruesome stuff and thematically, quite edgy.


When I was asked for permission about the screening, my instinct was to say absolutely fine and be quite flattered that I had been asked. But then I started thinking – what if the school kids are traumatised by seeing scenes of graphic violence and what if their parents are outraged and what if the parents complain to the school and what if the media gets hold of the story…


Is it simpler just to say no to the request and everyone lives happily ever after? Or is that playing it too safe and actually there are far worse scenes of graphic violence in an average video game then in this ten minute (award-winning) short film.


So anyway, I’ve said yes to showing the film so we’ll see what happens…


~ by female film maker on October 30, 2008.

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