Halloween Horror Hell

After listing my all-time horror movie favourites, I thought I would list my all time hated horror movies.


I am not saying any of these are bad horror movies, I know they are loved world-wide and they all have incredible fanbases of loyal horror fans, all I’m saying is that I don’t love them!


Why – because they make me feel sick when I watch them, not through fear, but because they’re so hung up on human dismemberment.


So what are they?


In no particular order: The Halloween series, the Friday the 13th series, the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (although I almost liked the original).


Worst of all, the disastrous remake of one of my all-time favourite horror movies, The Haunting – this doesn’t have dismemberment but is just horrifically bad.


I’m sure there’s more hated horror movies, but that’s just the list off the top of my head.


Happy Halloween.


~ by female film maker on October 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Halloween Horror Hell”

  1. There are much worse movies than these if you don’t like dismemberment such as ‘Cemetery Man’ ‘Zombi’ ‘Evil Dead’ ‘Wizard of Gore’ etc.

  2. You’re absolutely right, thanks for the recommendations for films that maybe I should avoid!

    I saw The Evil Dead when I was about 15 and I was really disturbed by it, then I saw it again quite recently and it all seemed a bit tame, which means I think I’ve become a bit anaesthetized to slasher horror!

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