Are all horror movies cursed?

I’ve just done some interviews about directing the horror movie Credo (The Devil’s Curse in the US) and some of the questions were about if anything spooky happened during the shoot and the answer is plenty!


It got me thinking that maybe strange unexplained things happen on all film shoots, it’s just that when you’re not making a horror movie and you’re making say a rom-com, you don’t interpret a weird thing happening as spooky and you never think the production is “cursed”.


So what happened on Credo? It’s a very long list and I’ll go into some of the longer stories when I’m sitting alone in the middle of the night with a storm raging outside, then I’ll be able to write the right atmospherics!


Meanwhile, the writer Alex is compiling a list of ghost stories from Credo on his blog. 


But just to set the scene, our line producer Chantelle posted a message yesterday on Alex’s blog to say she had some spooky experiences in the production office during pre-production. The production office was situated in a wing of a Victorian gothic abandoned fire station in central London, our principle location. It doesn’t sound creepy, a fire station, but believe me, it was! There was a vast labyrinthine basement, long winding corridors, hundreds of empty rooms, a decaying tower and staircases enshrouded in darkness.


This is what she said:


“I always felt I wasn’t alone – even when I was alone in the prod office of the firestation. But I never felt threatened, just a kind of sadness – it was strange. First weird thing was losing one of our casting tapes – never resurfaced. Was on my desk, then it was gone. Also a friend who visited, who has always been more psychically tuned in, did see an old man in one of the bathrooms, he just turned and looked at her and she said he just looked tired and lonely and very sad – she just cried right there as she told me. Often when I was there first to open up, there was always a certain sickly smell in Alice’s room (first on the corridor?) but then it was gone the rest of the day.”


Here’s is a photo of me from the Credo shoot with the actors Clayton Watson and Mark Joseph outside the room Chantelle describes…

credo cursed corridor

credo cursed corridor


~ by female film maker on November 1, 2008.

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