horror movie scares pt 1

My first ever supernatural experience was when I first started talking about making a horror movie.


I was at Cannes one year with Alex the writer of Credo and we were pitching scripts to Hollywood companies and getting nowhere. We had an epiphany, that we wouldn’t come back to Cannes unless we had made a film.


We both love horror movies and thought why don’t we make our first feature a horror movie and sure enough, one year later, Credo was born. Two years later we were back at Cannes with our sales agent selling Credo to international distributors at the movie market (in fact we picked up our first sale to Russia at Cannes that year!).


I wanted to make a “thinking person’s” horror, the sort of horror movie that I love, one with a great twist and plenty of atmosphere and one that feels very real. And whilst Alex and I were thrashing around ideas for a script, we knew that the story would be something about contacting the dead.


And you can’t make a film about contacting the dead unless you have a go yourself!


This is absolutely true – one night at midnight, amidst flashes of lighting (and I kid you not there really was a violent storm raging outside), we tried to contact the dead via EVP – electronic voice phenomenon. We set up a camera and microphone in the middle of the room and pressed record.


We then asked a series of simple questions leaving a long gap after each question. After thirty minutes we stopped the recording and rewound the tape. The idea of EVP is that if there really is something in the room with you, then when you play the tape back, you can hear their voice.


I had never done anything like this before and I was pretty sceptical, but then we played the tape. We didn’t hear the voice of the dead as such, but after every single question, there was a strange scratchy click on the tape. After some questions there would be one click, other questions a double-click then silence.


We thought it was just a problem with the microphone at first but we tested the microphone and it all worked properly. We were both sitting 6 feet away – there was no-one else and nothing else in the room (well no-one living anyway!) Honestly, after every single question, there would be a click or a double-click for the whole thirty minute tape. It completely freaked me out. There was no rational explanation.


And that was just the beginning…


spooky pentagram







~ by female film maker on November 2, 2008.

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