horror movie scares pt 2

A couple of months after our haunted EVP experience, Alex and I went location hunting around derelict buildings in central London.


We had a good relationship with a property company that renovated derelict buildings and luckily, they were open to the idea of us shooting a horror film in one of them.


Most of the time, we had a surveyor from the property company accompany us on our location hunts, but one time, the surveyor wasn’t free and so we were given the keys and told to go and have a look around a couple of buildings on our own.


In one huge derelict seven storey C18th Georgian townhouse, for some reason Alex and I split up and we were looking around on different floors armed only with a torch and a floor-plan.


On each floor, there was a labyrinth of crumbling rooms, all connected to the main sweeping staircase. I went from room to room, snapping photos, getting all excited about the magnificent architectural features that were ripe for horror. I was completely engrossed as I was imagining shots and sequences for our horror film. Then suddenly I was confronted with a closed door.


Without thinking, I opened the door…


To be confronted with a man lying on the floor. Completely motionless.


I screamed.


I honestly thought he was dead.


This “dead man” woke up to my screaming and jumped to his feet, bleary eyed and shaken.


It turns out my “dead man” was homeless and had been living in the building for a couple of days.


Needless to say, I didn’t look around a building on my own after that, until that is, pre-production….

room with a view!

room with a view!


~ by female film maker on November 3, 2008.

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