real life is far scarier than horror movies pt 2


In my last post, I described the time and place I have been the most scared in my life. It’s kind of like a scene straight out of a horror movie.


It was in an underground tunnel at Kings Cross station and I was crossing between the Piccadilly Line and the Northern Line. It was a Sunday night about 10pm, I was alone and there was no-one else to be seen anywhere.


I am convinced I am being followed through a dark dingy tunnel but can’t see anyone in the security mirrors. When I descend the steps onto the tunnel I decide to turn around and face whatever it is that is following me.


I brace myself, take a deep breath and spin around to face my tormentor. I want to see who has been following me. I want to see their face.


There’s a translucent “smear” of a face. Like someone has taken a human face and distorted its features by stretching them across another dimension.


It’s right up close. An inch from my nose. It’s a male but his face is blurry with deep set eye sockets.


Instinctively, I flinch and turn away, my shoulders hunched over, my hands protecting my head. I close my eyes. I wait to be attacked. But nothing happens. I take a breath and still nothing happens.


I open my eyes and turn back around. No-one is there. I search the platform. There’s nowhere for whatever / whoever it was to escape. I am completely alone again.


I check the steps but nothing. There’s no way anyone could have been there but I swear there was someone there.


Even now, I know there was someone / something there.


A couple of minutes later, the tube arrived. I was the only person standing on the platform. I got on and there was no-one else in the carriage. Along the tube, I didn’t see another passenger.


The doors closed and the tube moved off.


Even now, I get the shivers when I think about that night. And I’ve never been through that tunnel since.


But that wasn’t the end of my spooky experiences. More to come.


Here’s the closest image I could find to the figure I saw but it doesn’t really do “the ghost” justice.

is this the ghostly figure I saw?

is this the ghostly figure I saw?



~ by female film maker on November 6, 2008.

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