the business of indie film-making

Lots going on this week with all the various projects that I’m involved with – from planning the UK launch of Credo / The Devil’s Curse to negotiating a distribution deal for a special interest documentary series I’m making to putting in place the financial structure for my next feature film.


Everything is happening all at the same time so this week I’ve been wearing my producers hat in full-on business mode. From morning till night, I’ve been busying myself on the phone, sending emails or in face to face meetings.


I love this side of being a film-maker as you know exactly what’s going on and you are instrumental in getting your film made and seen. I get a real buzz from talking to people and getting them excited about my projects. I love feeling a part of something bigger than just myself as an indie film-maker!


The downside is that it takes me away from actually getting on and making the projects – in fact, I’m prone to busying myself with supposedly really important business things “that have to be done right now” – as an excuse to not sitting down and getting on with doing the actual hard-slog creative work. There’s so much that I want to do creatively as a film-maker and I am desperate to involve other people in this process – but I’ve just go to work out how and when.


But maybe that’s the thing, that’s what it is to be a film-maker. That you have all these projects, that you spend all your time and energy keeping them all in the air, keeping these projects alive, then one of these projects takes hold and suddenly becomes much bigger (then you ever could imagine in horror-speak).

This throws up deadlines and forces you to put in the hours and focuses your mind and that’s what ultimately makes you get on and just make the damned film.


~ by female film maker on November 7, 2008.

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