Scary building sites

Whenever I walk around a city, I look for interesting buildings that might make great locations for a film or buildings that could somehow be written into a script.


Right now, one of the ideas I’m working on is a horror movie set on a building site. So every building site I pass, I just stand and stare through the security barriers, looking at the heavy machinery, the acres of plastic sheeting, the steel rods, the blocks of concrete and also, I stare at the builders in their high-visibility jackets and hard hats.


For me, I’m visualising a scene but for the builders who catch me looking at them, they think that I’ve got some sort of fetish for construction workers. Either that or I’m too much into Bob the Builder. (Can we build it? As Obama says – “Yes We Can”)


It’s not just the outside of buildings that interest me.


Whenever I’m inside a visually striking building, I think about the scenes that could be shot there and how I would shoot them. Then I get all excited about the possibilities for a story and then the characters that would populate the story. And suddenly I’m seeing a whole feature narrative right in front of my eyes and I can’t wait to get home and write what I see.


But usually on their journey home, the practical producer side of me kicks in and I wonder how am I going to get permission to film inside the bank / council building / library / underground sewer system / multi-billion construction project and my pace slows as the negatives take hold and suddenly the story evaporates before my eyes. Until that is, I work out how I could build it into a set and suddenly I speed up again…


~ by female film maker on November 11, 2008.

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