The moment of truth for The Devil’s Curse

Today, my horror movie The Devil’s Curse is released by Lionsgate on DVD in the US and Canada.

From now on, it’s no longer just my film, it’s everyone’s film, it’s out in the public domain for people to say what they like about it. Some might like it, some might hate it, some might think there’s not enough gore for a horror movie, others might think that there’s just the right amount of horror / jumps / suspense, some might like the twist at the end, some might not get the twist. In fact, my twin brother phoned me up as there’s been a question posted on Yahoo Answers asking about the twist ending and he wanted to post an answer giving the inside track from the director’s twin! I was horrified – I thought that was a real cheat.

I do care about what people think but ultimately, I don’t want to get hung up reading movie reviews and I’m determined not to be obsessive about checking what ratings people give it. It’s a film, I’m proud of it and I hope that it finds an audience.

But I do feel as though I’m a proud parent watching my child venture out into the outside world for the first time without me. My logical head says I need to cut those apron strings and I need to sit back and watch from a distance how my “child” fares. But my emotional side wants to make sure it’s ok, that it’s not bullied, I want to actively write responses to online reviews and to be proactively involved in those oh so important first few formative days / weeks/ months.

But we will see which side of me wins out. Whether I do cave in and become the overly protective parent or whether I heed to that age old saying, if you love someone, you have to let them go…



devils curse poster

devils curse poster


~ by female film maker on November 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “The moment of truth for The Devil’s Curse”

  1. Saw it last night at the North American premiere in Ottawa with Michael Dobbin. Really enjoyed it. Great suspense/pacing. Made me jump a couple of times, clenched hand throughout. Nice ending. Congrats!

  2. Thanks for your message. I really appreciate that after watching the film, you took the time first to find my blog and then to write a comment. And even better, you like the film! And I love the fact that you sat through it with your hands clenched. My work is done!

  3. I watched the movie tonight. Very slow during most of the movie. Some suspense… but little to actually scare anyone over the age of 10. So-so plot… very bare-bones effects. Ending made the movie a little more tolerable.

    Sorry… but that’s just my honest opinon.

    Basic things that would have made the movie scarier… scenes where there are sudden loud sounds and/or fast movement, even if the thing wasn’t really scary. Like a phone ringing loudly or a rat suddenly coming out of know where to make a girl scream… something to make you jump. I didn’t jump or come close to jumping once in the film and neither did my wife.

  4. Hi, Firstly please accept my salute for making a great film. I have seen some really good horror films in the past, some utterly useless trash and some that have a lot of potential that remains unrealized.

    Yours is an exception. I find it hard to categorize. Very rarely does a director dare to venture inside the psychology of devil like you have done.

    And you have managed to do it extremely well.

    I have been talking to friends, colleagues and everyone recommending them to see this film. It’s a piece of art that will shine brighter with every passing day. You have my work on that

    BTW, I am a writer, actor and voice artist from India and if you would be so kind to check out some of my works, I will be honoured.

    When you get time, please check out my latest poetry series titled “Death Catalyst Devil” on

    I hope you would find it interesting and I look forward to your feedback

  5. I just watched your movie. It was very good…could you please share the ending with me??? You can e-mail me. I won’t share it. I cannot figure it out.
    A hint, maybe???

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