Is The Devil’s Curse a scary horror movie?

What one person finds scary might seem dull to another. That’s the problem with horror movies, they’re only scary if you find the subject matter scary. If you can relate to what the characters are finding terrifying, then you will be terrified. But if you can’t relate to that particular horror, it might be a very long ninety minutes until the end credits roll.

For me, my biggest fear is being attacked when I am alone at night-time. So the idea of walking around a big scary dark house on my own in the dead of night is absolutely terrifying – hence that’s the reason why quite a few sequences in Credo / The Devil’s Curse feature a lone woman stalking an empty house on her own late at night.

However, for me, the thought of alien invasions leaves me cold. Doesn’t make me scared as I don’t believe it. So War of the Worlds made me yawn rather than squeal in fear. But I know other people who believe that one day earth will be invaded by extra-terrestrial beings, it gave them nightmares for days / weeks / months afterwards.

Madness is another thing that terrifies me. The idea of losing my mind is a fear that strikes terror in my heart. Hence I love psychological horrors that deal with the onset of madness – like Psycho or Polanski’s Repulsion or the original The Haunting.

Another on my fear list is the devil / witchcraft. Now I don’t personally believe in the devil, but I do believe in the evil of mankind. I think that some people have the potential to think they are the devil / witch and therefore will do unspeakable acts to other human beings. So for me, I am terrified and love films like The Omen and The Blair Witch Project.

So all the things that scare me – the devil / witchcraft, madness, being alone at night – they’re all the themes explored in Credo / The Devil’s Curse. If they’re not things that scare you – then maybe this isn’t the horror movie for you.



~ by female film maker on November 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Is The Devil’s Curse a scary horror movie?”

  1. Great post again!

    I totally agree with you. The unseen is the most frightening of all. Picture this — You walk into a well lit room and it does not scare you. Take 2 — You walk into the same room with the lights turned off and you are scared.


    It’s the same room with the same furniture, curtains, etc. and you know for sure there is no one inside but you are still scared…

    of what?

    Of the unseen. What you can’t see becomes your worst enemy. Even though it’s not there.

    I have always wondered about the world of a blind man. He lives in constant darkness but there is no fear. No day or night for him but he is not afraid of the unseen.


    Because he has never seen the light so darkness holds no meaning for him.

    Sight is a great power. Probably the most amazing of the senses we’ve got. But it is this sight that tricks our mind and introduces us to fear.

    By introducing us to light and the lack of it.

  2. Thanks Kshitij for posting your comments. Love the idea of wondering why a blind person isn’t scared. Hmmm. And love the idea that it is sight itself that introduces us to fear. Never really thought of it that way but will think about it like that from now on!

  3. When darkness obscures your sight, you are forced to rely on other senses to guide or protect you. Your hairs stand on end, your sense of smell is heightened, but most of all, your hearing becomes finely tuned and you start to scrutinize sounds that your brain will ordinarily filter out. These sounds can often seem “alien” and therefore quite frightening or threatening.

    This is why sound is so important in horror films. I definitely prefer films that are brave enough to hold back the “monster”. I want to sense that monster before I see it. I want to build up my own picture of it, which is always more terrifying than any special effects a movie might provide.

  4. That’s a great point Alex. Wow I’m so glad I stumbled upon this Blog. It’s wonderful to be able to discuss these aspects of reality (or fiction) with such creative people. Thank you for this initiative

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