Ghost In My Kitchen


How many times have you seen something out of the corner of your eye but when you turn to look, it’s gone?  I know it’s not just me this happens to but it seems to be happening more and more.

For me, I sometimes see a dark shape glimpsed out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes it’s just sudden movement on the periphery of my vision, sometimes and this is really creepy, I’m just aware that there’s something / someone standing there watching me.

The really strange thing is that I keep seeing the same thing in the same place time and again.

I keep glimpsing this “ghost” on the periphery of my vision standing in the doorway of my kitchen.

I know what you‘re thinking. Maybe it‘s a trick of the light. Or maybe I’m tired. But I’ve seen it from different positions in my kitchen, always when I’m turned side on, always out of the corner of my eye.

I haven’t seen my doorway ghost that often, maybe once a week, or three times a month. But whenever it happens, I get completely freaked out by it.

What’s more, I had a friend with a baby come around the other day. The baby crawled over to the door of my kitchen, got to his feet then held his arms up above his head, looking up at the doorway, as though he wanted to be picked up by whoever it was that was standing there – but there wasn’t anyone there. Just the doorway ghost. Very freaky. And the baby stood like that for ages, getting increasingly agitated, wanting to be picked up by the ghost until his mum rescued him.

So what’s that all about???

And I wouldn’t be a horror director if I didn’t think this, any suggestions for how to film it?


~ by female film maker on November 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ghost In My Kitchen”

  1. Maybe you should invite the ghost to sit and have a cup of tea!

  2. Maybe I should. But where will I send the invitation?

  3. You know what. I was in this hill station in India called “Mussourie”with a friend of mine some 4-5 years back. We were walking on the mall road after having watched a late night movie show. The road was enitely deserted and it was getting very cold. After some time it started to rain and we moved into a roadside shelter. Right across the road there was a hotel and I saw a man leaning down looking at us from the hotel balcony on the top floor. He was staring down, without moving. I kept staring at him for a really long time and he didn’t move a muscle. My friend asked me “What are you staring at?” I told him “Look at that guy. Is it a real person or a statue? Is he staring at us?”

    My friend looked up and saw him too for a splitsecond before he vanished into thin air. He just vanished right in front of our eyes. We ran like crazy in the rain back to our Hotel without looking back. Me and my friend still recount that instant and wonder what happened that night.

    I would have believed it to be a figment of my imagination but the fact remains that my friend saw him too (thought only for a split second)

    Oh!! and as for how to film that scene you described, if you want to finalize the cast first, I can play the baby quite well. I have done that in the past some 27 years ago 🙂

    Nice post again!

  4. Kshitij – love your story of the apparitiion in the hotel window. Very atmospheric and filmic! It’s like the opening of a movie – so all you need to do if you are brave enough, is to return and find out who died in that hotel and how. It might be that something happened in that particular hotel room and that maybe that “apparation” appeared to you and your friend for a reason…

    As for your offer to play a baby – you’re on!

  5. That is really creepy, I live in a huge 6 bedroom house by myself, which is over 100 years old, and i really shouldnt of read your post before bed, I’m sure i’ve read that animals and babies etc have hightened senses over us regular humans!

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