Tonight I’m Going To Contact The Dead

After my last post about the ghost in my kitchen, I’ve decided that I’m going to see if I can contact whatever it is that is haunting my kitchen.

What makes me slightly nervous is this: I didn’t realise when I bought my property a few years back that there’s a hidden basement.

The basement isn’t on the deeds, it’s not on any plans – but underneath the floorboards is a trap door that leads to a really nasty basement that is pretty big, probably 20 metres by 5 metres with 2 metres clearance and it’s divided into separate areas.

However, and this is the scary part, one corner is completely bricked up. It’s like there’s a room inside with no way to access it. Solid bricks all the way round.

There’s no reason for it to be like that, other than to scare the hell out of me for my imagination runs wild and I allow myself to think there’s a body buried in there.

I think the basement is original so I think it was built when the house was built which was in the 1800’s – so between then and now is quite a long time for a body to fester if indeed there is a body buried in my basement!

Where this relates to the ghost in my kitchen is that my kitchen door, where I keep seeing this “apparition”, is directly above the bricked up corner of the basement. Coincidence, or something more sinister….?

There’s various ways to contact the dead and I’m not sure yet which way I’m going to try, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck…


~ by female film maker on December 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tonight I’m Going To Contact The Dead”

  1. That does sound very sinister, it makes sense that the ghost in the door way could be the body in the bricked up room. Maybe you should have a go at removing said walls, might not be the nicest experience if there is something in there, but it might also relieve you of this ghost if there is! Good luck trying to contact it, be careful!

  2. Good luck Toni. Go for it. I am sure even if it is a ghost, it means no harm. Ghosts can sense your intentions. They can sense our feelings. They are made up of feelings. A ghost is a floating emotion. One that is too strong to be confined in a physical form. I feel he means no harm. He probably wants you to go ahead and make contact. Maybe your visit will help him redeem himself. There is an old Indian saying “Aatmayein sirf mukti talashti hain” .. means “Souls only search for salvation” Maybe your efforts would bring that soul one step closer. It’s a very brave thing to do and I’m sure you would know how to approach in a right manner. I would wait to know more tomorrow.

  3. Hey! Can you upload some pictures of your house for all of us. I would really like to see. Sounds like a majestic building. Oh BTW, I am going to Mussoorie (the place I mentioned about the ghost thing) over this weekend. There is a long history of ghosts in that area with many stories floating around. Let’s see if I bumb into something special. Would try and get some pictures too maybe. Especially of the famed Hotel Savoy (Check the net for ghost stories related to Hotel Savoy in Mussoorie. You would find some very interesting ones!)

  4. To TJH – the idea of knocking a hole in the bricks to see if there’s a body inside is just way too scary to even contemplate. Because if there is something there, I would have been living in a house with a dead body in the basement and that’s terrifying! At the mooment, I’m just living in a house where there might be a body in yhe basement and I can live with that!

    To Kshitij – yep, will take some photos of my house later and will definitely post them. Many thanks for your best wishes for my ghost hunt tonight. And love the idea of you going back to Mussoorie this weekend and I would love to see some pics of the Hotel Savoy. I won’t google it though, I want to wait to see your pics. Will post again “the other side” after tonight’s shenanigns….

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