Contacting the ghost in my kitchen…


So the other night I tried to contact the dead. Luckily I survived to tell the tale. Unfortunately there isn’t much of a tale to tell!

The story so far is that I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye in my kitchen doorway and I’ve become convinced it’s some sort of haunting linked to a body possibly buried in the bricked up corner of my basement. I know how ridiculous that all sounds but it’s true!

So the other night, when it was dark and quiet (I live in the city centre so that’s quite a difficult feat to achieve!), I turned off the all lights and opened the kitchen door.

So here’s a pic of the kitchen doorway…

kitchen ghost

kitchen ghost


It was quite strange as even though it’s my own kitchen and I feel perfectly fine about it during the day, as soon as I turned the lights and geared myself for my nocturnal adventure, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I was a little bit scared. I’m sure that it’s just the thought of contacting the dead that causes this physical reaction not because the ghost thinks “aha, the lights are out, it’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for, I’m going to make her sense me!”

Ok. so I turned off the lights and then using the mic on the video camera as an EVP device (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) where the microphone pics up the voices of the dead, I asked questions to the open doorway, leaving plenty of gaps for the unseen entity to respond. Again it sounds ridiculous but it’s true!!

But playing it back there was nothing on the tape. No weird sounds or floating orbs. The only slightly weird thing was that immediately I closed the kitchen door at the end of the EVP session, the night-vision mode on the camera switched off by itself. There was no reason for it to turn off – it just did. But I can’t really call that spooky.

Hmm. This weekend I will try another method to contact the dead…


~ by female film maker on December 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Contacting the ghost in my kitchen…”

  1. I suppose this is all assuming that the things your seeing in the corner of your eye are ghosts. Its a scary thought, but who knows what could be manifesting itself in your kitchen doorway! I’m looking forward to hearing the results of your next attempt!

  2. Ok. I am back from my trip. Some great experiences. Would share in detail later if you are keen. I was so eager to see the result of your experiment to contact the kitchen ghost. Hmmm… would stay tuned for more.

    • Would love to hear all about your trip. My nerves are already jangling.

      Haven’t managed to do any more ghost-hunts this week as have been laid low with the flu – so hopefully will try again ghost-hunting this weekend and let you know what happens…

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