Ghosts of the undergound


If you return to a place where you saw a ghost, would you see it again?

That’s the question I asked myself yesterday when  I just happened to be in London, travelling on the underground on the Northern Line through Kings Cross.

Where I saw my ghost and where I returned to yesterday is also the site of the Kings Cross Fire that happened just over twenty years ago where tragically 31 people lost their lives. Here’s a link to a report on the causes of the fire.

I wasn’t expecting to feel anything, after all it was the middle of the day on a Sunday and there were hundreds if not thousands of Christmas shoppers milling about on the platforms and going up / down the escalators at the Piccadilly Line end of the tunnel.

The tunnel connecting the Piccadilly Line to the Southbound platform of the Northern Line is the exact spot where I saw my first ever and only ghost and this is where I’ve been my most terrified in my life ever.

Site of the Kings Cross Fire in 1987

Site of the Kings Cross Fire in 1987

 I haven’t been on this stretch of the underground for a few years. As they’ve been doing some major renovation work at Kings Cross, I didn’t even know if the tunnel would still even be there. In fact the only reason I was there in the first place was because of engineering works on the Circle Line meant I had to re-configure my journey.

So being a diligent horror movie maker and probably just curious more than anything, I decided to get off the tube and retrace the journey where / when I experienced my haunting and as I had my little camera with me, take a few snaps (I was thinking of this blog!!)

Site of my haunting

Site of my haunting


Sure enough the tunnel was there but it was longer and more decrepit than I remembered. It was also absolutely deserted. Eerily so. In fact only one other person used the tunnel the whole time I was there.

As soon as I stepped into the tunnel, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my heart started racing.

After a couple of minutes, I started feeling physically sick and I felt this really strong desire to get out of there. I didn’t see anything, but it was just this really oppressive feeling – that there was something else there. I know there are security cameras in there, but I really felt watched…(in horror-movie mode,) but was I being watched by the living or by the dead…

Here’s what it looked and felt like yesterday in the tunnel…

Maybe it was all in my head and actually, it was just a dim, grim tunnel and I was projecting all my own fears and anxieties onto an otherwise benign space.

However, yesterday’s little stop-off did confirm my conviction that this is quite possibly the most haunted place in London.

Unless someone else has another suggestion for me to check out…




~ by female film maker on December 15, 2008.

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