Credo / The Devil’s Curse UK News

……News flash…….

This isn’t an official announcement, that will come very soon, but here’s a special insider tip-off:

Our horror film Credo / The Devil’s Curse is about to have its UK premiere!

The UK premiere will be at a gala screening at a West End cinema as part of the London Independent Film Festival between 17-27 April. Don’t know about tickets yet, will find out and let you know.

I’ll also post details about its subsequent UK release very soon (I’ve got a meeting this week to talk about just that!)

Also, an interview with myself and Alex (the writer / DoP of Credo) has just been posted on the weaponizer site – click HERE to read more. 

We talk (at length!) about how we got Credo / The Devil’s Curse off the ground, how the shoot went, what inspired the script, what we think of the Lionsgate title for the film and also some of the ghost and supernatural stories that happened during the production.  

In fact, Alex talks about some things that I wasn’t even aware of.


“I’ve talked to some members of the crew recently, and they told me of odd things that happened, things that they didn’t want to mention at the time. Like the sad, elderly man seen in one of the fire station bathrooms. The bathtub that mysteriously filled itself to the brim when no one was around. The dead flies that kept appearing in one of the character’s bedrooms (although we were never bothered by living flies). The objects that would vanish, then suddenly reappear after extensive searches for them. The list goes on and on.”

That’s it. Will post more news once I have some!

In the meantime, here’s a very cheesy photo of myself and Alex from Credo. In fact, this photo was taken at the wrap party – and remarkably, we were both still smiling!

Credo Director Toni Harman & Writer Alex Wakeford

Credo Director Toni Harman & Writer Alex Wakeford


~ by female film maker on January 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Credo / The Devil’s Curse UK News”

  1. Dear Toni..

    Best of luck..As a major British horror fan, looking forward to the general release!!!!


  2. Aw shucks Bruce – maybe see you at the premiere!

  3. Great to hear about the premiere, and the spooky goings on during the filming! Will definently be picking Credo up when it comes out, the interview was really interesting!

  4. Talking of spooky goings on… who or what is that scary face lurking behind me?

    • How scary is that! Until you wrote that, I didn’t even notice him in the picture and I have no idea who he is. Freaky.

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