Are ghost movies now dead?

This week a report was published linking drinking high levels of caffeine with people hallucinating.

If you drink more than 315 miligrams of caffeine a day – equivalent of drinking seven cups of instant coffee, or three cups of brewed coffee, or one and a half cups of Starbucks / Costas / any café latte/cappuccinos, or nine colas, four red bulls or six cups of strong tea, you are three times more likely to hear voices or see things that are not there.

Reading this stopped me dead. Suddenly it all makes sense.

I love coffee and I drink a couple of big cups of home-ground posh coffee every day, but I am completely addicted to tea. I mean, I could easily sink a dozen huge-size mugs of tea a day – size wise, I’ve just measured it – about 300ml or 2/3 pint each one – so that’s 3 ½ litres or 8 pints of tea a day!

Usually I try to drink de-caffeinated as I do get a bit frisky if I drink too much caff tea, but sometimes if I run out or am around one of my friends or am working, most people don’t have decaf so I drink full strength caff…by my reckoning, on some days I must drink the equivalent of at least 12 cups of caff tea a day plus two cups of strong coffee…

…What I’m saying is that I sometimes drink 3 times the amount that is considered high consumption of caffeine – and that makes me three times more susceptible to hallucinations…

So – I am 9 times more likely to see ghosts than people who drink just one cup of instant coffee or one cup of tea day.

Is that why I think I’ve seen ghosts? Is that why anyone else claims to have seen ghosts?

What’s worse, has that report just killed all ghost movies because the audience will just automatically think a character who claims to have seen a ghost has just been drinking too much coffee or like me, is addicted to tea???

The real scary bit though is that according to the report, when the hallucinations interfere with daily functioning (or like me, thinks there is a ghost in the kitchen!) that person is considered to be psychotic.

Great. Thanks a bunch. I’m psychotic.

I need a sweet cup of tea to recover.


~ by female film maker on January 18, 2009.

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