Is UK film dead?


I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with lots of meetings and discussions about the Spring release of our horror film CREDO / THE DEVIL’S CURSE in the UK (I’ll post details about it soon).

Luckily we have a UK distributor onboard and we have a strategy for its release. In fact, I’m really excited about the release as timing wise, it coincides with the Boyzone reunion tour (Stephen Gately from Boyzone is in CREDO) and Stephen has promised to do as much publicity for us as he can, which is all great news for us.

Stephen Gately in CREDO / THE DEVIL'S CURSE

Stephen Gately in CREDO / THE DEVIL'S CURSE

The downside is that the whole UK film industry is in crisis.

Retail-wise, the industry took a massive hit with the closing of E-UK who was one of the main shippers of DVD titles to the various High Street retailers. Then there’s the big problems with Zavvi and also the collapse of the UK’s biggest indie wholesaler who distributes titles to all the small independent shops in the UK. Phew.

All this means is that there’s now very few routes to market still open and no-one knows which distributor or retailer will be next to close down. Understandably in this highly volatile market, distributors are very nervous about taking on acquisitions and prices are pushed way down.

Phew. So what does all this mean for us?

Well for CREDO, fingers crossed, with a big marketing push and a good strategy and luck on our side, then we might be able to weather the storm and be able to achieve a successful release. Hopefully.

But the biggest impact is for our next film and for every other UK film-maker wanting to shoot low-ish budget indie feature films. If distributors are hunkering down and not taking on acquisitions, then it’s going to be really difficult to raise the finance for an indie UK film, even if you have a star attached.

Everyone is holding their breath to see what happens, us included, as this really could be the end of the UK film industry as we know it.

But saying that, this could also be a golden opportunity for the next wave of film-makers to be innovative and find new ways to finance and distribute their films.

And that to me is really exciting. And scary. But I like horror, right?!


~ by female film maker on January 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Is UK film dead?”

  1. Good luck and I’m sure Credo will weather the storm like you say, I sure hope it does because I’d really like to watch a copy!

    To be honest the out look does feel very bleak at the moment in respect to film production within the UK, but as a student hoping to enter the area within the next few years. So many of my friends and I feel soo passionate about the work as I’m sure many film students do, that im just soo excited to see what is produced in the next 10 years!

  2. Thanks TJH. At least we’ve made one sale!

    And definitely, I think the future for film-making is actually really positive as there’s a whole digital film-making revolution going on and I feel as though we’re all just on the cusp of really exciting times. So I can’t wait to see how mobile phones and other new digital distribution platforms affect the way people make films. So bring it on!

    Can I see your films anywhere??? Is any of your film work online?

  3. Unfortunately I havnt got any of my film work online, most of the stuff I’ve done is littered around my room on various mini DV tapes in serious need of editing. I always find myself getting half way through a project and then starting something else, i will endevour to knock something up and throw it on my website asap

    But to be honest im in a constant battle with myself as to where i want to go within film, the production design is something I greatly enjoy and is my focus of study, but I love to get my little camera out and shoot stuff…maybe i can do both! haha

    This is my WIP website btw, it has some photo work on and draughting

    I hope all is well, and you havnt had too much snow!

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