Credo / The Devil’s Curse – learning lessons the hard way


This week I set up a film-making workshop.

It was surprisingly easy to do as I already had the course content from workshops I ran in London last year and all I needed was to find a venue and to publicise it.

And so three days later, it’s all sorted and if you’re interested in the workshops, click HERE for the details:


Toni Harman on set directing CREDO
Toni Harman on set directing CREDO

It all dove-tails into one thing. I really believe the best thing we can all do as indie film-makers is to work together, to inspire each other and learn from each other. I don’t think anyone has the answers as to what will happen in the future, but if we all work together, we can be stronger together, and hopefully we will all make better films and find new better ways to reach an audience.

Without wanting to sound too up myself, that’s one of the reasons I am really keen to run this workshop. I want to share what I’ve learnt from CREDO and from other short films I’ve made. I think I got some things right, but I also know I got lots of things wrong, mistakes that cost me dearly and hell, I wish someone had told me what I should have done before finding out the hard way.

But then again, I equally believe that if you do something wrong once, then you will never do it again. And I’ve learned my lessons well.

As one example. Why oh why oh why did we start on-lining the film before showing it to an audience. Cost us tens of thousands of pounds. Seriously. And about six months of my life.

You live and learn.

But I will never make that mistake again. And hopefully, other indie film-makers won’t either!


~ by female film maker on February 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Credo / The Devil’s Curse – learning lessons the hard way”

  1. Will be running anymore workshops in the future Toni? I would love to go to one, but the dates for your present one just dont work for me 😦

  2. Hope to run more. Just depends if there’s a strong enough demand. Shame you can’t make those dates.

    We’re thinking of running a special one-day practical on-set camera / lighting / directing actors workshop maybe in April – will keep you posted.

    And don’t just leave those DV tapes scattered on your floor – get cutting and finish your films! Would love to see them.

  3. A one day event would be really great, for us students who have a few less pennies to spend 😛

    Have you thought about advertising those 4 days at local colleges/university’s etc? I think a lot of students would jump at the chance!

    Ok i will get something cut together, and give you link!

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