Ghost update

 It’s been weeks now and I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the ghost lurking in our home.

No sign whatsoever. No catching a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. No weird feeling that something or someone is standing behind me. No doors closing on me and no sense that anyone / thing is there.

So what’s happened?

Could it be that as it’s winter, all our doors are kept closed so the ghost has been kept at bay?

Or maybe as I’ve been so busy the past few weeks setting up some film workshops, getting things ready for the UK release of Credo / The Devil’s Curse, and also trying to get our other bigger film projects off the ground, that I just haven’t had time to go ghost-hunting. Or even had time to think about the supernatural.

We have had problems with out basement recently (where I suspect there’s a body in the bricked up corner of the basement which I think could be related to my ghost.)

There’s been water seeping through cracks in the pavement leaking into the basement – so maybe the ghost has literally got wet feet? Either that or my brain has got a bit water-logged…


~ by female film maker on February 5, 2009.

One Response to “Ghost update”

  1. I want you to knock down that basement wall, so intrigued to know whats behind there! If you do, film it please!

    Got some film to show you, something i did at my dads just this past weekend, he’d been wanting to do it for ages and I’d made it to his for the weekend but we got literally snowed in (about 2ft). So it was an ideal time to break out the pd150, lights and final cut pro, its not my usual sort of video but I had a load of fun doing it with my dad over many bottles of wine, the sound was a pain in the backside!

    Anyway, here you go

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