Making Movies Together

I’ve been running some workshops over the past few weeks and what’s surprised me is how inspiring it’s been, making me itching to shoot again soon.

Especially the last workshop which was all about shooting and directing low budget films, talking about camera, lights, shots and directing actors.

Just getting a camera out and talking about what shots are needed to cover a scene and suddenly those directing juices are flowing and I’m in my zone.

The frustrating thing is that this was just a taster and there wasn’t enough time to actually shoot scenes. We are running a full one day Film Directing Workshop on Saturday 4 April including shooting scenes with professional actors if anyone is interested.

But I really enjoyed talking about directing and the people on the workshop also seemed to be in the same zone. Ideas were flowing and everyone seemed to be riding the same wave of creativity and positive film-making energy.

The other inspiring thing that’s happened in the last couple of weeks is being in touch with other Writers / Directors / Producer teams who have also made their first feature film and are in a similar position to us. We have been in touch with the people behind Dead Wood, Brighton Wok and indirectly, with the people behind Fallow Field.

Just connecting with others in the same position immediately gets me excited. Not only to swap war stories but to see ways we can all how help each other out for our next and future projects.

It just feels that there is an air of excitement in the UK at the moment with other filmmakers getting together and making things happen.

And that’s what’s more exciting and more inspiring than anything. To know that it is all possible. Film-makers don’t have to rely on other people. We can make it happen ourselves.

Anyway. Enough flag-waving. Got a workshop to prepare for and a next draft of a script to finish…


~ by female film maker on March 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Making Movies Together”

  1. Film is just exciting in general! Just reading your blog makes me want to go film something, have you anymore details about this 4th of april workshop?

  2. Nvm found the details about it in the link (im dumb). Will definitely be attending! Cant wait!

  3. TJH – Great. That’s very nice of you to say that my blog makes you want to do something!

    Re coming on the workshops – the only thing if you do want to come on the workshop on the 4th, you have to pre-book and there’s only a few places left.

    Saying that, we are planning on running another one-day directing workshop in a couple of months time if you miss this one.

    Looking forward to meeting you – and bring a copy of your film with you and then I can finally watch it!


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