Credo: Horror Film “Contains Strong Violence”

Yesterday I discovered that the British Board of Film Certification (BBFC) has classified Credo a horror film and given it a 15 rating.

BBFC 15 Rating

BBFC 15 Rating

For me, that’s really exciting news.

I’ve never had a film classified before and it’s a process that every film has to go through before it’s released no matter how big the movie. So our film has been classified by the same people who do massive budget Hollywood blockbusters.

I love that the fact that the panel of BBFC strangers have sat down together in a darkened BBFC cinema and watched Credo from beginning to end including all the DVD Special Features. Then afterwards, they’ve discussed its genre, its content and how graphic the violence is. All without anyone from Credo being there.

Most important, the 15 rating is for us the perfect rating. It means that everyone over 15 is more likely to think, this comes with a “contains strong violence” warning and so this might be a scary horror film, I’ll buy this!

And everyone under the age of 15 will also think, this might be a scary horror film, I’ll buy this (although obviously they’re not supposed to be allowed)!

If it had been rated 12 or 12A, then there’s a danger that people would think it’s too soft and not a horror film.

If it had been rated 18 – then I think the lack of slasher gore might disappoint some people.

So it’s official. Credo is a 15. It’s a horror. And it Contains Strong Violence.

And that’s it, forever more, those tags will stick. All because that’s what some strangers in a viewing theatre thought one wet and windy March morning.

Suits me.


~ by female film maker on April 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Credo: Horror Film “Contains Strong Violence””

  1. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  2. Great to hear about the clasification, I think 12A is plastered on so many films, personally it tarnishes a film before I’ve watched it really. Hope the workshop is going well today!

  3. TJH – Saturday’s workshop was really great thanks, in fact, it was brilliant, far better than I was expecting. We had a great bunch of people and it was really interesting how everyone directed their scene really differently, giving it their own unique spin.

    Saying that – because it was so successful, we’ve set up another film directing workshop on Sat 9th May and it will have the same format. It’s not on the website yet, will be up in the next few days – so look out for it…

  4. well in my day as a kid films were 18 not 15 not that it made much diference because i watched 18 rated horror thrillers and sci fi when i was 11 with my parents you see its not just adults that have intelligence kids do aswell especially now as kids nowadays have to grow up in the violent world we are living in “You have to prepare your children for things that happen in the world. Everything isn’t rosy.”

  5. i am a parent now myself and my kids watch 18 rated movies not porn i mean 18 rated horror etc i did so i dont see why not and there is no law saying that you cant as you show the movie in your own home in private and also kids under 15 watch 15 rated horror movies and aren’t phased by what they see because they know what they are seeing isn’t real

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