Call Yourself A Director!

Following on from the success of our Film Directing workshop last Saturday (I call it a success as we had some amazing comments!), I’ve just set up another two more one-day workshops in Brighton.

Sat 9th May – another Film Directing workshop

Sun 10th May – Film Lighting & Camera Techniques workshop

Here are some photos from the first directing workshop.

Film Directing workshop

Film Directing workshop

Film Directing workshop 2

Film Directing workshop 2

I’m particularly fond of the orange blinds which is part of the reason why we’ve changed venue and are now holding the next workshops in a professional film studio in Central Brighton.

You can just see me in the first photo. That’s my head sticking out of the top of the red-head lamp.You can see Alex in the second photo. That’s his head cut in half by a boom pole.

In the morning, we did some practical directing and acting exercises and then in the afternoon, we shot scenes from three Hollywood films – Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman and Silence of the Lambs – chosen as they’ve got some great scenes for two actors.

What really surprised me was how good the scenes were as directed by the student directors, which is amazing considering some had never shot anything before in their lives. Each scene had real style. Some focused more on the performance of the actors, others focused on getting innovative angles and shots.

But every single scene was different and each one had a unique vision.

It just proves what I’ve always thought, that anyone can direct, it’s just having the confidence to say “I’m a director”.


~ by female film maker on April 12, 2009.

One Response to “Call Yourself A Director!”

  1. I’m really excited about the workshop, just looking for somewhere to stay at the moment! Really can’t wait, from the looks of the last one it should be great fun!

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