Credo UK Premiere Last Night!

So last night was the UK premiere of CREDO and a world premiere of this extended edition never-seen-before cut including the special 11 minute prologue starring Stephen Gately – all ready for its UK DVD release on May 25th.

The screening was part of the London Independent Film Festival and it was a sell out, so the Roxy cinema was packed full of cast, crew, friends, family and hopefully horror movie fans!

Even though I’m really proud of CREDO and especially proud of what myself, Alex, the cast and crew and everyone else who worked on the film, of what we all achieved, this is only the second time I’ve watched the film in front of an audience.

I found it really nerve-wracking and ended up spending most of my time watching the audience watching the film. I was acutely aware of every single moment when the audience relaxed, when they were hiding behind their hands and every moment they jumped. All I kept thinking was that ok, in the next scene, will they jump at xxx? So not a laid-back experience but still, I enjoyed being a voyeur watching the audience!

Luckily we had an amazing response to the film and according to the audience, everyone seemed to have really liked the film and better still, CREDO delivered on the scares. (In fact my friend Emma said the film had scared her so much she was too afraid to go down to the loos in the basement after the film had ended. Not sure what she did instead…)

Then I did a Q&A after the screening and I was expecting some really tough Jeremy Paxman style interrogations but actually I really enjoyed the Q&A. I answered questions on everything from what the budget was, what was the hardest scene to shoot, what would I do differently if I had the chance to shoot the film again and what was I going to do next (hit the bar for a glass of wine thanks!)

So a really good night and many thanks to everyone who came along to support the film.

Credo DVD Pre-Order Now!

Credo DVD Pre-Order Now!


~ by female film maker on April 21, 2009.

One Response to “Credo UK Premiere Last Night!”

  1. Glad to hear the premiere went so well! Your next film must have a nationwide premiere, then those of us that can’t make it to the big town can watch it via satelite! 😛

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