Pushing the button for Credo PR

The button is soon to be pushed for promoting Credo‘s UK release on DVD on 25th May.

Lots of media PR is planned over the next few weeks to raise awareness of the film including some featuring Stephen Gately. All this so that people hopefully rush out and buy the DVD (or probably more likely the case nowadays, to saunter off and order online).

But none of it really involves me. Credo now has its own life, it’s own destiny. Credo’s fate now lies in the hands of the media, internet and press coverage. And hopefully, it will soon have it’s own fans!

It’s almost three years since we first came up with the idea to make Credo as a low-budget indie UK feature and it’s been a long and sometimes difficult process but it’s been a fantastic journey.

I thought at the time the hardest part of making the film was the shoot, but actually that was only just the beginning! As I’m not just the director, I’m also one of the producers, the hardest part was securing international and UK distribution. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’ve learnt many lessons.

Actually I’m really pleased and proud of the result, that amongst other territories we’ve sold, we’ve had a Lionsgate release in the US (under the name The Devil’s Curse) and also that the film is being released by Guerilla Films in the UK on May 25th.

I think if you’re a producer as well as the director of your first low-budget feature film, you’ll only know what that really means when you are half-way through doing your own spotting script as part of a very long list of deliverables as you have no money to pay anyone else to do it.

It will be late at night and you’ll be up against a tight deadline. You’ll be going through the film frame by frame and slowly going a little bit doolally, writing down every shot, every line of dialogue, every visual effect, every lighting cue, every sound & music cue and that’s when you really know what indie film-making is all about.

But then again. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

(Be interested if any other director /producer had there own spotting script moment on their own film??)

Anyhow. Hopefully you’ll soon see the results of the button being pushed for Credo. Let me know if / when / where you see Credo publicised!

Pre-order Credo now!

Pre-order Credo now!


~ by female film maker on April 29, 2009.

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