CREDO on GMTV when Boyzone took over!

Today a clip from our horror film CREDO was shown on GMTV!

It’s great publicity for us ahead of its DVD release on May 25th – (pre-order it now from!)

It might not sound like massive news but to me it’s really exciting.

As a small UK indie feature film with a very limited marketing budget, CREDO is competing with the Hollywood big boys and so any mention on TV is a huge deal as it really helps raise awareness of the film’s existence!

The boys from Boyzone took over GMTV this morning and each of the band members had to present part of the show. Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham were reviewing Movies – they mentioned three movies; Night At The Museum 2, Angels & Demons and of course, CREDO.

They showed a clip featuring Stephen Gately with Colin Salmon and it looked and sounded great.

Mikey talked about the film’s storyline and then Keith complimented Stephen on his performance.

It was all over in about 90 seconds – but that’s a very valuable 90 seconds to us!  Thanks GMTV and thank you Boyzone!

Credo with stephen gately

Credo with Stephen Gately


~ by female film maker on May 15, 2009.

One Response to “CREDO on GMTV when Boyzone took over!”

  1. Great to hear about Credo getting some publicity!

    Lots of fun at the workshop! Will send you some feedback asap!

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