Life As An Indie Film-Maker

So I thought after unleashing our horror feature film CREDO in the UK then life would get a bit less hectic. Hmmm. I was wrong.

Suddenly, things that were set in motion months and even years ago are all starting to happen right now, all at the same time, then I’m also initiating new projects…

Back to Credo. It’s selling ok and having it’s own little life. In fact, I was really excited to find it stocked in my local HMV! It’s had a good run of publicity –  on GMTV, This Morning, The Mirror, Mail on Sunday etc and had lots of net coverage. As we’re also selling from our own website – – we’ve having to fulfil orders on a daily basis (that’s me stuffing the envelopes!) so numerous trips to my local post office.

Meanwhile, I’m about to launch a factual special interest DVD series (details to be announced soon) and in fact, a duplicating company is replicating 1000’s of DVD units as I write this. So lots of technical conversations about artwork and DVD authoring spec’s plus lots of business discussions with the fulfilment company (we’re having another company fulfil the orders on this DVD series as there’s only so much envelope-stuffing a girl can do!)

Meanwhile, our film workshops seem to be gaining momentum and proving to be much more successful than we first thought – with people messaging me daily asking for details about the next workshops and what we’re planning on running next… (The next workshop is on June 20/21 – two days of practical workshops on directing).

Meanwhile, we’re also setting up our next feature film to shoot later this year.

Meanwhile, so then I thought, I know, I have a few seconds spare each day, so why don’t I try and set up 10 short films, each 10 minutes long to be shot over 10 days. And you know what – other people are starting to switch onto this idea and actually it might just work….

Meanwhile, there’s my blog to write and I haven’t even mentioned my ongoing mission to contact the ghost in my kitchen!

Is it just me or is every UK indie film-maker this busy?

Our Brighton Film Workshop!

Our Brighton Film Workshop!


~ by female film maker on June 11, 2009.

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