A Good Credo Review On Amazon!

Must be the approach of Autumn and so a change in weather, change in people’s mood, change in what people think…

So I just looked on Amazon and low and behold, a total stranger has written a really good review of our horror film Credo!!!

5 out of 5. Makes me feel very proud. Maybe Credo is starting to find its audience!

Credo [DVD]
Credo [DVD]
Price: £5.48
Availability: In stock

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5.0 out of 5 stars Give credence to Credo, 23 Sep 2009

Five theology students plan to take part in an occult ritual in their halls of accomodation, to prove the existance of the devil. One backs out after the ritual has begun, breaking the circle of protection. The next morning his four friends are all dead. Some years later, a group of students evicted from the house that they share, find themselves a nice place to stay as a stop gap. Yes, its the very same halls of residence, now derelict and boarded up. Then strange things start to happen…
This film superficially resembles another modern Brit Horror, Long Time Dead. As the film progresses however it comes across more like a British version of the superb American chiller Session 9.
The film eschews gore and elaborate set pieces, instead favouring a gradual build up of mounting dread, and it postively drips with atmosphere. The creepy interior of the building takes on a life of its own, and the young cast all equip themselves admirably. Its not that scary, but it should leave you with a little tingle down the spine, especially after the ending, which made me question everything I had seen up to then.
It even comes complete with a Lesbian shower scene. Okay, thats a bit of a fib, but if it makes one extra person delve into this superb film, then I’m glad I told it.
A terrific film, destined to become a minor classic in the future. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5


~ by female film maker on September 29, 2009.

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