Credo Is A Far Scarier Horror Film When Dubbed in Russian!

Just seen one of the best things in my horror film-making life. Our horror film Credo dubbed in Russian.

We sold Credo to a Russian distributor and they’ve just launched it with a new poster!

Credo in Russian

Credo in Russian

I love it – makes Credo look like a sci-fi time-travelling horror all about people holding up skulls setting fire to themselves which is exactly what it is, apart from the sci-fi time-travelling fire skull part!

Apparently the title has been changed to: Sign of Darkness

To me, that’s a better title than The Devil’s Curse which Lionsgate called it.

But the best thing is watching clips of our film dubbed in Russian. It’s fantastic. Makes it much scarier! Loving the accents and the expressions in Russian.

Here’s a link to a clip:

And to watch more clips, copy and paste this in to Google:

Знак тьмы

Go Russia and the Baltic States!

~ by female film maker on October 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Credo Is A Far Scarier Horror Film When Dubbed in Russian!”

  1. That’s very cool. Congrats. It’s great watching people do what they love. Some friends of mine are currently raising money for their first horror flick. They are having a LIVE telethon right now to raise funds at

  2. Oh that is terrific! Best poster EVER!

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