Back From Credo Screening At Grimmfest

Just got back from a CREDO cinema screening at the Grimm Up North! Horror Film Festival at the Odeon Printworks in Manchester.

It was great to see CREDO playing on the big-screen especially as we had a really good audience reaction at what actually was it’s cinematic premiere. The only sadness was that the screening was being dedicated to the memory of Stephen Gately.

For me personally, I loved doing the Q&A’s!

I was on a “Directing Your First Horror Feature” panel where the discussion was all about transferring the skills from making short films to feature films and about what lessons we had all learned from directing our debut horror flicks. There were four directors on the panel, so myself and the directors of three other indie UK horror flicks – SPLINTERED, GNAW and THE FALLOW FIELD.

What really struck me was that we all had very similar experiences – that we didn’t find directing our first feature film that different from directing either shorts or TV, that we all struggled with the night shoots, that finding objectivity in the post-production was our biggest problem, we were all working on our next feature and that actually, all of us were just really normal not-up-ourselves (sorry to use this word) “nice” people who just happened to love horror.

After the screening, I did another Q&A with my producer partner Alex Wakeford and our gorgeous star from Credo, MyAnna Buring, about exactly how / where / why / how quickly etc we made CREDO and again, I just loved talking about it! I could have talked about it for hours. It just gave me a real rush. (Although it was a bit weird, doing the Q&A being surrounded by a dead very bloodied model sheep and decaptitated heads which were part of the Grimmfest Exhibition.)

And I loved talking all things horror with all the other directors / actors / horror fans present.

The thing that really struck me was that I absolutely felt that I belonged in this world of horror and fear. And I felt really proud that a film I directed was one of those being screened. It felt right and it felt good.

So thank you Grimmfest. Hope to see you same time next year.

Stephen Gately in CREDO

CREDO screening dedicated to the memory of Stephen Gately


~ by female film maker on November 1, 2009.

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