A Good Credo Review On Amazon!

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Must be the approach of Autumn and so a change in weather, change in people’s mood, change in what people think…

So I just looked on Amazon and low and behold, a total stranger has written a really good review of our horror film Credo!!!

5 out of 5. Makes me feel very proud. Maybe Credo is starting to find its audience!

Credo [DVD]
Credo [DVD]
Price: £5.48
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5.0 out of 5 stars Give credence to Credo, 23 Sep 2009

Five theology students plan to take part in an occult ritual in their halls of accomodation, to prove the existance of the devil. One backs out after the ritual has begun, breaking the circle of protection. The next morning his four friends are all dead. Some years later, a group of students evicted from the house that they share, find themselves a nice place to stay as a stop gap. Yes, its the very same halls of residence, now derelict and boarded up. Then strange things start to happen…
This film superficially resembles another modern Brit Horror, Long Time Dead. As the film progresses however it comes across more like a British version of the superb American chiller Session 9.
The film eschews gore and elaborate set pieces, instead favouring a gradual build up of mounting dread, and it postively drips with atmosphere. The creepy interior of the building takes on a life of its own, and the young cast all equip themselves admirably. Its not that scary, but it should leave you with a little tingle down the spine, especially after the ending, which made me question everything I had seen up to then.
It even comes complete with a Lesbian shower scene. Okay, thats a bit of a fib, but if it makes one extra person delve into this superb film, then I’m glad I told it.
A terrific film, destined to become a minor classic in the future. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5


Love Horror Loves Credo!

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Just read a good review of our horror film Credo posted on the Love Horror Website.

Gives me a warm glow when people write nice things about our film!

Here’s what it said:

“Take 5 students, a degree in the occult, a creepy old halls of residence, and what do you get? The perfect setting for a bit of ouija board and devil worship.
From the onset, it’s easy to think that you know how it’s going to pan out. But this little flick has more to offer than you might expect.

It has been a while since we reviewed a British film, so we were glad to receive Credo. There’s no doubt that I was a little sceptical when I saw that it starred Stephen Gately, but seeing as the lead was MyAnna Buring (Descent, Lesbian Vampire Killers) I put aside my hatred of cheap pop music and hit ‘play’.
A halls of residence at a Catholic university is chosen by Gately and his student friends as the perfect setting for an experiment. The object of which is – to discover whether the devil exists.
Armed with some candles and limited knowledge of demonology the group of 5 head up to a remote tower in the building to begin contact with the ‘other side’.CredoPoster
Early on in the proceedings, one of the gang goes chicken and walks out, leaving his friends unprotected (5 members are essential for this type of ritual) and as a result all but he are dead by morning, after supposedly committing suicide.

Some years later Alice (Buring) and her friends are students attending the same university. After losing their accommodation, they resort to staying in the spooky, abandoned halls of residence. Strangely they are also a group of 5, and predictably, familiar events start to unfold as the apparent evil forces reveal themselves.

Generally, the film is of a good standard. For an independent British film, it’s glossy, it’s professionally finished and it’s of a standard which you could easily mistake for being Channel 4 or BBC funded.

The cast are decent, each holding their own in this ‘bordering on the formulaic’ (for the most part) storyline. Gately as Simon is even pretty good, although fortunately he doesn’t feature much (I have nothing against his acting, I just can’t see beyond Boyzone!).
Myanna Buring is excellent, and really takes the film away from mediocracy. The script is a little odd at times, but she works around that and makes the role her own.
On the downside, I wasn’t too sure about the inclusion of an American character, Jock (that’s actually his name, not a reference to his high-school status). It seemed a bit unnecessary and as if it may have been a ploy to appeal to the American market. His stereotyped ‘whoop whoop! Paaartay on dudes’ behaviour was a little distracting. When the blood-letting began, I was eager for him to get ‘offed’ quickly.

5 4

The story itself is solid enough. Group of students, scary demons, a crazed stranger who could be a killer. And in the group, your typical teen horror movie characters: the cute lead, the brash jock, the withdrawn geek, the ethnic minority and the religious one.

And so I was lulled into a false sense of security, happily watching and correctly predicting events as the film bubbled on before me.
But just as the film approached the end, and I began to feel a tad unsatisfied, it took a big twist that I wasn’t expecting. A twist that actually made the film for me.

You know, one of those events that can keep you thinking for a while after the film, coming up with different explanations and serving as good conversation between you and your film buddies.

And there’s nothing more that I love, than a movie that does the unexpected.


Credo is a film that stands proud with the best of British horror. What it lacks in budget and finesse, it makes up for in grit and imagination. It’s solidly shot, constructed and communicated, and should serve as inspiration for any other British horror movie makers who aren’t pulling their weight at the moment.

For the elements of originality, gets a lot of kudos (or should that be credos) from me.

Check it out on DVD and Blu-Ray now. Quick! Before it gets exorcised back to the dark realm from whence it came!

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆

Launching New DVD!

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I know I haven’t posted for a while but things on the horror front have been relatively quiet this summer.

I’ve been focusing my attention on a new factual baby DVD series on pregnancy & childbirth that we are launching:REAL BIRTH STORIES which maybe for some people the ultimate horror!

Real Birth Stories 3 DVD boxset

Real Birth Stories 3 DVD boxset

On the horror front, CREDO is screening at the the Manchester Halloween Horror Festival “Grimm Up North” this Halloween and I think I’m down to do a Q&A, so if you’re in the area, drop by and say hello!

Meanwhile, still working on our next horror film so will keep you posted. And now the nights are drawing in and it’s starting to feel a little bit colder, am starting to feel the chiller vibe so could be a scary winter.

And although I haven’t written about it for months, my ghost from the basement is really starting to make its presence felt recently. More of that to come…

Life As An Indie Film-Maker

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So I thought after unleashing our horror feature film CREDO in the UK then life would get a bit less hectic. Hmmm. I was wrong.

Suddenly, things that were set in motion months and even years ago are all starting to happen right now, all at the same time, then I’m also initiating new projects…

Back to Credo. It’s selling ok and having it’s own little life. In fact, I was really excited to find it stocked in my local HMV! It’s had a good run of publicity –  on GMTV, This Morning, The Mirror, Mail on Sunday etc and had lots of net coverage. As we’re also selling from our own website – www.altofilms.com – we’ve having to fulfil orders on a daily basis (that’s me stuffing the envelopes!) so numerous trips to my local post office.

Meanwhile, I’m about to launch a factual special interest DVD series (details to be announced soon) and in fact, a duplicating company is replicating 1000’s of DVD units as I write this. So lots of technical conversations about artwork and DVD authoring spec’s plus lots of business discussions with the fulfilment company (we’re having another company fulfil the orders on this DVD series as there’s only so much envelope-stuffing a girl can do!)

Meanwhile, our film workshops seem to be gaining momentum and proving to be much more successful than we first thought – with people messaging me daily asking for details about the next workshops and what we’re planning on running next… (The next workshop is on June 20/21 – two days of practical workshops on directing).

Meanwhile, we’re also setting up our next feature film to shoot later this year.

Meanwhile, so then I thought, I know, I have a few seconds spare each day, so why don’t I try and set up 10 short films, each 10 minutes long to be shot over 10 days. And you know what – other people are starting to switch onto this idea and actually it might just work….

Meanwhile, there’s my blog to write and I haven’t even mentioned my ongoing mission to contact the ghost in my kitchen!

Is it just me or is every UK indie film-maker this busy?

Our Brighton Film Workshop!

Our Brighton Film Workshop!

Credo Movie Now On Sale!

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Our horror film CREDO is now on sale on DVD in the UK in shops and on-line!

The last couple of weeks have been really exciting as there’s been  quite a bit of publicity in the press and on TV: a clip from CREDO was shown on GMTV and This Morning and we had press coverage in the Mail on Sunday, the Mirror, the Telegraph, the Metro and quite a few regional newspapers plus coverage on MSN, Yahoo, Virgin Media and also I think Credo is also going to be in a couple of film magazines. (Let me know if I’ve missed any!)

This is amazing considering CREDO is a small indie film with not much in the way of a marketing budget and with no advertising!

What is really exciting is that it’s finding an audience – people are writing their own online reviews and comments on CREDO and suddenly it’s got it’s own life, which makes me feel immensely proud!

Meanwhile, as we’re also selling the DVD from our own website, we’ve also become a little DVD fulfilment factory – processing online orders, printing address labels, stuffing envelopes, weighing parcels on our kitchen scales combined with numerous trips to the local post office.

I always seem to be served by the same lady at the post office counter and every time, she  tries to flog me the full range of Post Office phone cards, travel insurance, foreign currency exchange etc etc and each time I smile and politely say “No thank you” but inside I am screaming “You’ve asked me three times today already thanks!”

We’re also about to launch another DVD series in a couple of weeks (a factual series with nothing to do with horror!) – so things are about to get a whole lot busier…

CREDO on GMTV when Boyzone took over!

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Today a clip from our horror film CREDO was shown on GMTV!

It’s great publicity for us ahead of its DVD release on May 25th – (pre-order it now from www.credothemovie.com!)

It might not sound like massive news but to me it’s really exciting.

As a small UK indie feature film with a very limited marketing budget, CREDO is competing with the Hollywood big boys and so any mention on TV is a huge deal as it really helps raise awareness of the film’s existence!

The boys from Boyzone took over GMTV this morning and each of the band members had to present part of the show. Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham were reviewing Movies – they mentioned three movies; Night At The Museum 2, Angels & Demons and of course, CREDO.

They showed a clip featuring Stephen Gately with Colin Salmon and it looked and sounded great.

Mikey talked about the film’s storyline and then Keith complimented Stephen on his performance.

It was all over in about 90 seconds – but that’s a very valuable 90 seconds to us!  Thanks GMTV and thank you Boyzone!

Credo with stephen gately

Credo with Stephen Gately

Pushing the button for Credo PR

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The button is soon to be pushed for promoting Credo‘s UK release on DVD on 25th May.

Lots of media PR is planned over the next few weeks to raise awareness of the film including some featuring Stephen Gately. All this so that people hopefully rush out and buy the DVD (or probably more likely the case nowadays, to saunter off and order online).

But none of it really involves me. Credo now has its own life, it’s own destiny. Credo’s fate now lies in the hands of the media, internet and press coverage. And hopefully, it will soon have it’s own fans!

It’s almost three years since we first came up with the idea to make Credo as a low-budget indie UK feature and it’s been a long and sometimes difficult process but it’s been a fantastic journey.

I thought at the time the hardest part of making the film was the shoot, but actually that was only just the beginning! As I’m not just the director, I’m also one of the producers, the hardest part was securing international and UK distribution. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’ve learnt many lessons.

Actually I’m really pleased and proud of the result, that amongst other territories we’ve sold, we’ve had a Lionsgate release in the US (under the name The Devil’s Curse) and also that the film is being released by Guerilla Films in the UK on May 25th.

I think if you’re a producer as well as the director of your first low-budget feature film, you’ll only know what that really means when you are half-way through doing your own spotting script as part of a very long list of deliverables as you have no money to pay anyone else to do it.

It will be late at night and you’ll be up against a tight deadline. You’ll be going through the film frame by frame and slowly going a little bit doolally, writing down every shot, every line of dialogue, every visual effect, every lighting cue, every sound & music cue and that’s when you really know what indie film-making is all about.

But then again. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

(Be interested if any other director /producer had there own spotting script moment on their own film??)

Anyhow. Hopefully you’ll soon see the results of the button being pushed for Credo. Let me know if / when / where you see Credo publicised!

Pre-order Credo now!

Pre-order Credo now!